The Subaru Forester is the perfect vehicle for Surf2Surf

Subaru New Zealand appreciates how much Kiwis love their water sports and want to help them access the best conditions, hence their partnership with - New Zealand’s leading information resource for surfers and ocean adventure seekers.

Built around live beach cameras, daily reports and accurate human-adjusted forecasting, has become an extremely important and highly utilised information service for New Zealand water sports enthusiasts.

Subaru recognises that is an extremely mobile business and has equipped the company with the latest Subaru Outback. Director, Paul Brunskill says this versatile All Wheel Drive Subaru lives on (and off) the road, servicing the extensive beach web camera network, and chasing swells in between.”

“The Subaru Outback gets more than its fair share of attention at the beach parking lots. We are regularly approached and asked about the vehicle, and have given the odd tour of the cockpit”.

Unlike other sports like rugby or golf, surfing utilises an ever changing natural resource as its playing field - this lends itself to obsessive monitoring of conditions. Surfers plan their time and travel around reports which is why its creators take their job very seriously. has recently undergone a major development process extending its live cam network, along with implementing new interfaces and smart phone apps. 

“As Subaru New Zealand is our principal sponsor, our online tools and dedicated smartphone apps are built around the Subaru brand. Our goal is to get people off couches and into adventure, so our service is perfectly aligned with Subaru’s values.”

Subaru of New Zealand Managing Director Wallis Dumper says the association between Subaru and is a natural fit.

“Surfing is one of the fastest growing and most addictive sports in the world. New Zealand is a surfers’ paradise, with access to the coast, in most cases, less than two hours. All our Subaru models give surfers the All Wheel Drive capabilities to head off the beaten track to find the best breaks. Our SUV range of XV Crossover, Outback and Forester also have roof rails, which make strapping a surfboard on top and heading to the beach an easy undertaking,” he says.

Mr Brunskill says that users are wide ranging.

“We have CEO’s of some of NZ’s largest companies, All Blacks, kids, families and professionals, who all enjoy nothing more than escaping to the coast and getting in the water.

The SURF2SURF website and app record the #1 Nielsen ranking for user loyalty in the sports category.


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