Our Latest Safety Features

Confidence on the road starts with the safety of our drivers, which has always been our top priority. That’s why we’ve expanded our safety measures to make sure all the necessary steps are in place to keep your health and safety, and that of the entire team, first. Whether you’re in need of servicing, or looking to buy a new Subaru, you can be confident that our staff are here to help you navigate these unpresented times.

For more updates on Level 2 and what this means for you, please visit www.covid19.govt.nz 


How we’re staying safe

Are Subaru Service Centres & Dealerships open to do business?
Yes, our team are all symptom free, and as of Level 2 and below, our locally-owned, Authorised Subaru Centres and 7 Authorised Service Centres are open and upholding these strict safety procedures: 

Health Declaration
All staff and visitors to our Subaru Centres must complete a Health Declaration to ensure they are not presenting with Covid-19 symptoms. Under Alert Level 2, customers can now choose to enter our sites or use our contactless options where they can drop off and pick up their vehicles using “click and collect” style methodology.
Contact Tracing
All staff and visitors may be asked to log their contact details in our contact tracing database for Covid-19. This database will not be used for marketing purposes. 
Sanitised Surfaces
All high contact surfaces are disinfected at least once daily. 
Physical Distancing
Under the Alert Level 2 guidance customers can come to our site and must maintain physical distancing while there. The government guidance is for a minimum distance of 1 metre, however due to the spacious nature of our dealerships we are encouraging minimum distance of at 2 metres or more under our Subaru Safe guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

Q - What are Subaru doing to keep its customers and its team safe?

Subaru Sanitised Site
The Subaru site is sanitised at least once per day on all key touch surfaces.

Subaru Sanitised Staff
All Subaru staff have a daily check-in procedure to ensure that we are symptom-free before entering the premises, we have rigorous hand washing procedures, and employ 2-metre physical distancing from each other at all times.

Subaru Sanitised Sales
If you would prefer, we can sell you a Subaru without you coming into direct contact with our sales staff and your new car is sanitised prior to delivery. However, you are now welcome to come into our sites under Alert Level 2.

Subaru Sanitised Service
While you are welcome to come into our site under Alert Level 2, we can also service your Subaru without you coming into direct contact with our service staff, your car is sanitised before you pick it up and you can pay for your service remotely.


Q - What are Subaru Dealership staff trained to do?

Complete Daily Health Declarations
All staff are required to complete a Daily Health Declaration before entering the premises. Any staff member that has a Covid-19 symptom is required to immediately self-isolate and seek medical advice and will not return to work until they have medical clearance.

Wash and Sanitise Hands
Staff are required to complete regular hand washing and must sanitise hands before working on your vehicle.

Observe Physical Distancing
We are pleased to meet with you and will wave, nod and smile, but we no longer shake hands when greeting. All staff are required to keep a minimum distance of at least 2 metres at all times from other authorised visitors to the site. 


Q - How can I get my Subaru serviced using a contactless approach if I choose?

You can choose to get your Subaru serviced at our sanitised site or using a contactless approach if you choose. The contactless approach is outlined below:

Our four step process:

1. Phone service consultation
We will discuss your vehicle service or repair requirements and any quotes via phone with you – not face to face.
2. No contact drop off zone
We have a no contact drop off zone for your vehicle. Park it in the signed area and leave the keys in your car. Our Service Advisor will take your vehicle and check it in.
3. We sanitise your Subaru
We will complete the work on your vehicle and minimise our staff contact with your vehicle. All key contact surfaces on the interior and exterior of your vehicle will be wiped down prior to handover back to you.
4. No contact pickup and payment
We will send any quotes or invoices to you via email or advise them via phone. We have zero contact payment options available via internet banking. The car will be placed in our zero contact pickup zone so you can pick up your Subaru without interacting directly with us or delivery to your home can be arranged with your local Authorised Subaru Centre.


Q - How can I look at or purchase a new Subaru using a contactless approach if I choose?

You can choose to buy a Subaru at our sanitised site or using a contactless approach if you choose. The contactless approach is outlined below:

Remote shopping
You can browse our range online and take a virtual tour of our showroom via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom with one of our Subaru Sales Consultants.

Remote test drive
You can choose to test drive in a sanitised Subaru from one of our Subaru Centres or from your home.

Remote purchase
We can value your trade-in via video conference or photos, complete finance and purchase agreements remotely.

Remote payment
You can choose to pay for your vehicle remotely.

Remote delivery and training
Your new Subaru will be prepared using our Sanitised Subaru Pre-Delivery Process and you can choose to pick up your new Subaru using our no-contact process at the dealership or we can deliver your new Subaru to you.


Read our full press release here and contact an Authorised Subaru Centre to find out more about booking a contactless service or test drive.