Subaru Solterra EV

As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, the next step for Subaru is to launch our first all-new electric All-Wheel Drive SUV in New Zealand - the Subaru SOLTERRA EV. Taking its name from the Latin words ‘SOL’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘TERRA’ meaning ‘earth’, this EV will co-exist in our beautiful country to ensure we can still get out and explore the places we’d rather be while taking care of it at the same time.  

The Subaru SOLTERRA EV redefines what an electric vehicle is, with All-Wheel Drive at the heart of its DNA, enabling it to contend with the windy unsealed roads and arduous weather conditions we have here in New Zealand. Combining the rugged and durable style that Subaru customers have come to expect with an eco-friendly output, our Subaru Solterra model has the go-anywhere capabilities you’d expect from a Subaru without impacting the environment. 

We look forward to working with Subaru Corporation to bring exciting new electrified technology to New Zealand to continue helping Kiwis explore Subaru Country. Register below to be kept in the loop with SOLTERRA EV's future announcements. 

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Driving our Future Forward

Subaru is committed to being on the journey towards a more sustainable future in New Zealand and overseas, with Subaru Corporation working towards eco-friendly manufacturing while continuing to reduce its own carbon footprint. The Subaru SOLTERRA EV is our latest step forward in this journey with electric vehicles, combining rugged power with minimal environmental impact so we can continue to explore this wonderful country and treading lighter as we do it. 




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The Subaru Solterra is built on the e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture.

The Solterra EV brings the Subaru brand’s trusted reliability, state-of-the-art safety technology, and legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive engineering to an all-electric SUV.


Subaru Solterra is underpinned by Subaru DNA

Solterra has adopted a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors. Taking advantage of the expertise in AWD technology precisely controlling the four tyres, the agile response of the electric motors and the flexible driving force distribution between front and rear, Solterra fully utilises the available grip of all four wheels and offers driving confidence with peace of mind.

Subaru Corporation reveals new images of the all-electric SUV, the Subaru Solterra.

Like the other Subaru SUV models, Solterra features the X-Mode AWD control system that enhances the sense of security on rough roads. By adding the new Grip Control function, which enables the vehicle to run at a constant speed while stabilising the vehicle even on rough roads, the capability is further enhanced.

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