Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD):

All new Subaru models sold through the NZ Subaru Authorised Dealer Network feature Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as standard. 

SAWD delivers engine power to all four wheels simultaneously. Having power distributed across all four wheels, rather than two on conventional vehicles, gives you twice the grip capacity. So under acceleration there’s more grip for cornering and more capacity to keep on track through the corners. Ultimately, having the driving force spread across all four wheels means greater control and confidence. As soon as the vehicle senses a loss of traction in any of the four wheels, it instantly transfers that power to the other wheels that still have grip, maintaining control. As we like to say, from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip.

Feature: Drive distribution to all four wheels all the time.
Benefit: Immediate drive power to all four wheels.

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See the SAWD system in action with Cody Crocker, Subaru Australia motorsport driver:



When X-Mode is activated, electronic control of the engine, transmission, All Wheel Drive system, brakes, Vehicle Dynamics Control System, and other critical components is optimised in off road situations. X-Mode helps reduce potential wheel slip on slippery surfaces, climbing steep inclines, and navigating rough roads. It also incorporates a hill descent control function. X-Mode helps increase driving performance, confidence, and control. X-Mode is available on Outback, Forester and XV models.

There is also now dual X-Mode which has two switchable modes, controlled using an easy-to-check dial. When D.SNOW/MUD is selected, ECU torque control allows the engine to generate maximum torque more quickly, producing moderate wheel slip, making it easier to move unstick the vehicle, in deep snow or mud. Incline angles, plus left and right roll angle are displayed in detail on the Multi-Function Display (upper centre console), for easy viewing while driving. Dual X-Mode is only available on Forester Premium and Outback models including Outback X. 

Symmetrical Drivetrain:

Subaru’s balance and control comes from its low centre of gravity and near perfect symmetrical layout. A symmetrical layout means an innate sense of balance is built in from the ground up - it has fewer parts and does not need a side transfer case like some non-symmetrical four wheel drivetrains. The advantage of a Symmetrical drivetrain with a lower centre gravity, is that it has a lower weight transfer, and therefore a higher level of total grip during cornering.

Feature: Symmetrical drivetrain layout with equal left/right weight balance.
Benefit: Improved vehicle stability, cornering grip and no torque steer.

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