All-Wheel Drive

Given the roads Kiwi drivers have to contend with, our Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system is an indispensable feature for getting around in NZ. 

The way it works is simple - as soon as your Subaru senses a loss of traction in any of the four wheels, it instantly transfers that power to the other wheels that still have grip, giving them the extra oomph to get you out of trouble. It happens so seamlessly you probably won’t even notice it, you’ll just feel that famous Subaru handling.  Check it out in the video below. 

Preview image for the video "Subaru's All-Wheel Drive Technology".

Engineered for perfect balance

  • Subaru e-Boxer all terrain
    Confidence under all conditions

    Superior balance equals superior vehicle control. That’s why our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system and a symmetrical drivetrain work together to deliver an innate sense of balance from the ground up.

  • Why Subaru New Zealand
    Standard in all NZ new Subarus

    We believe in All-Wheel Drive so much that it comes standard in every new Subaru sold through our Authorised Subaru Centres. The way we see it, with New Zealand's diverse conditions, anything less is sub-standard.

  • WRX All Wheel Drive
    Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

    Delivering power to all four wheels simultaneously to give you twice the grip capacity and enhanced control. 


Activate X-Mode and your Subaru SUV knows you mean business. It works by controlling the engine output, transmission, torque split and braking system to compliment the All-Wheel Drive system and handle the trickiest situations. X-Mode is standard on all Subaru SUVs and Dual X-Mode available on select models.

Control when you need it

  • capability_xmode_dual x mode ..jpg
    Dual X-Mode

    Allows you to switch to the SNOW/MUD setting which generates maximum torque more quickly, making it easier to move or unstick the car in deep mud or snow.

  • capability_xmode_hill descent - needs edit.jpg
    Hill Descent Control

    Is inbuilt into X-Mode and helps you maintain control and a safe speed while going down steep hills.

  • Subaru e-Boxer xmode

    Tricky descents. Whatever life throws at you, whatever obstacles get in your way, Motor Assist further enhances X-Mode’s rough-road capability by enabling easy and quick torque control.