Scientifically conceived. Rigorously tested for the last 40 years. Our iconic Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system are the pinnacle of superior Japanese technology. Technology that sets you free. SI-DRIVE, Auto Stop Start, Lineartronic™ and Multi-mode DCCD are intelligent systems that enhance and optimise your driving experience whilst also providing greater fuel efficiencies.

Balanced to perform - Symmetrical All Wheel Drive:

Greater balance and extreme control. That’s the confidence you get from our unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) system, available in every NZ new Subaru model.

A long time ago, we decided to deliver the drive distribution to all four wheels, all the time. This unique approach means you accelerate faster on wet roads whilst helping you stay on track through corners. But we didn’t stop there. Every Subaru has an innate sense of balance from the ground up, thanks to a near perfect symmetrical layout.

Find out more about Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and see how it works in our demonstration videos here.

Boxer Engine:

Our famous Subaru Boxer engine is designed to lay horizontally in the engine bay, rather than standing vertically like most other engines, thereby providing a lower centre of gravity. The Boxer engine has a unique punch and counter - punch action, which counteracts the inertia force of the opposing piston, resulting in a higher level of balance. Due to this unique design, the Boxer engine delivers less noise and vibration to the cabin with greater balance, stability, traction and control. Giving you a confident, fun and more engaging drive.

The Boxer engine also plays a role in Collision Protection due to its low height and low positioning in the chassis frame. In a frontal accident, other engine configurations, due to their increased height, are driven backwards and may possibly penetrate the passenger compartment resulting in severe injury, particularly to the lower limbs of the front occupants.

The Boxer engine, due to its low height, is driven backwards and downwards under the floor of the passenger compartment thereby reducing the likelihood of impact with the occupants. Rearward movement and contact of the engine with the road surface also provides additional absorption of impact energy and contributes to the crumple zone action.

Feature: Compact, lightweight and balanced with low centre of gravity.

Benefit: Quick throttle response, improved vehicle stability and cornering grip, engine and transmission submarine under the passenger safety cell, helping to minimise chance of leg injury.

To find out more about our Subaru Boxer engines, click here

See how the boxer engine compares to an in-line and v-type engine:

Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE):

SI-DRIVE is designed to regulate key engine functions to offer up to three distinctive driving modes in the one car. For manual models, it regulates the engine control unit and the electronic throttle, whilst in automatic models it also regulates the transmission control unit. The three modes are:

Intelligent (I) mode for everyday driving. This is perfect for suburban and city conditions when power output is reduced and fuel efficiency is optimised.
Sport (S) mode for enhanced acceleration and all-round sporty performance. This mode is suited to highway driving and long distance cruising for consistent power delivery.
Sport Sharp (S#) mode for a thrilling drive. This is the pure performance mode that provides bursts of power at the right moment – great for winding roads, tight corners and steep inclines.

 Please check the full feature list for each model to confirm.