Matilda Green

Art and Matilda Green camping with their Subaru Forester.

Prominent New Zealand social media personality Matilda Green has joined Subaru New Zealand as a brand ambassador and will be seen out and about around Auckland in a new Subaru Forester SUV and also further afield on her travel adventures.

Matilda shot to fame on The Bachelor 2015 where here and Art Green became an item, and is now a household name, with over 154,000 followers on Instagram, and 37,000 on Facebook.

Matilda is a big fan of keeping healthy and fit and is always looking for ways to promote this lifestyle through her social media. She doesn't take herself too seriously and loves to promote a balanced lifestyle, with a bit of fun thrown in. This makes her the perfect Subaru Forester driver, as its campaign headline is ‘Upgrade your fun.’

“I feel like Subarus are the cars for Kiwis, who get outdoors. That’s what really spoke to me and is why I was keen to get on board. Also, Art drives a Subaru Levorg which makes driving long distance so enjoyable – I wanted that too!,” Matilda says.

Matilda’s first book The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life hit stores at the end of 2017 and put her on the top selling author's list. She also has a blog at

Matilda and Art, who is also a Subaru brand ambassador, have started a new venture - Plate Up, a healthy ready made meals company.

Keep an eye out for her Subaru Forester adventures via her handles below and read more about Matilda's new role as a Subaru brand ambassador here

Find out what makes Art and Matilda's Subaru SUVs perfect for their lifestyle here.





  • Art and Matilda Green camping with their Subaru Forester.
  • Subaru of New Zealand Marketing Manager Daile Stephens hands over the 2019 Subaru Forester to new brand ambassador Matilda Rice.
  • New Subaru brand ambassador Matilda Rice enjoys a healthy, balanced, active lifestyle.
  • Matilda shot to fame in New Zealand through her appearance on The Bachelor NZ in 2015, where she turned into a household name overnight and became and item with Art Green.
  • Matilda doesn't take herself too seriously and makes sure there’s a bit of fun thrown into most things she does. She is the author of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life.
  • Art and Matilda Green will be running with Team Subaru at the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays on Sunday.
  • Art Green and Matilda Green with friend David at the Subaru stand for Round the Bays 2019.