In the very unlikely event you find yourself in a breakdown situation, if you have a Subaru 3-Year Service plan, it includes 24-hour roadside assist to get you going again. No matter if you left your lights on or lost your keys, help is at hand.

If you need assistance, simply phone 0800 42 42 32 and quote your registration number. The AA is the service provider to Subaru Roadside Assist and every we attend a breakdown, we want to get you going again and do so 90% of they time,  24-hours a day, 365 days year. When we can’t get you going, we will promptly organise for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest Subaru Authorised Repairer.

The number of breakdown callouts offered each year is unlimited but is subject to qualifying criteria being met. Your vehicle will need a current valid WOF and registration.

The 24-hour roadside assist is valid up to the third anniversary of your vehicle from the vehicle registration date.


What's Included Roadside Assist

Should any of the below incidents occur, here's how we can assist:

  • ENGINE, ELECTRICAL OR COOLING FAULTS: We will attempt to diagnose the problem and where possible, provide emergency repairs to your engine, electrical or cooling system at the roadside at no charge. If the fault can’t be fixed, then we will transport the vehicle to the nearest available Subaru Authorised Repairer.
  • AFTER HOURS RECOVERY: If you breakdown at night and your vehicle cannot be mobilised, then we will transport and safely store your vehicle overnight at no charge then deliver your vehicle to the nearest Authorised Subaru Centre the following business day.
  • CARAVANS/TRAILER TOWING: If you are towing a caravan or trailer when you have a breakdown and we can tow the caravan or trailer behind the recovery vehicle we will do so at no charge. If the trailer or caravan can’t be towed by one standard towing vehicle, we will arrange for towing to be provided, but this towing will be at the driver’s expense. Trailer size is limited to a maximum 7 metres in length (excluding towbar), 2.44 metres wide and /or 3 metres high.
  • WHEELS AND TYRES: We will change a damaged tyre/wheel with your spare (as long as it’s roadworthy and safe to use) at no charge. Where the spare is not roadworthy or safe to use, recovery to the nearest place able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel can be provided, however this will be at the driver’s expense.
  • TYRE: Where the tyre is a run-flat tyre and it has become unusable and there is no serviceable spare, the vehicle will be transported to the nearest facility able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel at the driver’s expense.
  • FLAT AND FAULTY BATTERIES: We will provide a jump start and any other practical assistance at the roadside to get your vehicle going again at no charge. Sometimes the problem with your battery may be more serious, and after a quick test we will be able to tell you if your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced. Where the Nominated Vehicle cannot be made mobile at the roadside and the battery is under warranty, a tow will be provided to the nearest Authorised Subaru Centre as per normal towing entitlements. If the battery is out of warranty, a battery can be supplied at roadside or a tow arranged to the nearest battery replacement facility (cost of out of warranty batteries at driver’s expense).
  • LOCKOUT: If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, we will attempt to reopen your vehicle. We will however need proof of your ownership or the owner’s permission to reopen the vehicle.
  • LOST KEYS: If you have lost your keys and you don’t have a spare set immediately available, we can either:
    • Arrange for a replacement set to be couriered (from your dealer or from your home if possible) to you at no charge as soon as possible.
    • Arrange for a locksmith to attend to make a new key. We will pay for the locksmith to get to you but any charges for the new key will be at the driver’s expense.
  • FUEL: If you run out of petrol, then we will deliver 5 litres worth of fuel to get you going again. The delivery is free, however you will be charged for the fuel itself. If we can’t get fuel to you then we will transport your vehicle to the nearest service station. If you run out of CNG or LPG we can transport your vehicle to the nearest LPG/CNG equipped service station, but all transportation cost will be at the driver’s expense. If you have accidently filled up with the wrong fuel then we can arrange for your vehicle to be transported to the nearest repairer or service station where arrangements can be made to get you going again. The transportation of your vehicle will be at the driver’s expense.
Conditions for Roadside Assist

We will provide service to your Subaru vehicle subject to the following conditions:

  • PUBLIC LEGAL ROADS: Subaru Roadside Assist will only be provided to vehicles that have been disabled on constructed roads/driveways that are legally and safely trafficable by conventional two wheel drive vehicles and/or the towing/recovery vehicle (where required) as determined by us.
  • VEHICLE RESCUE: Where the vehicle becomes disabled off a legally designated/formed public road (such as beaches, fields or creek beds), vehicle rescue may be arranged at our discretion, and at the driver’s expense.
  • BOGGED VEHICLE RECOVERY: Subaru Roadside Assist will be provided to vehicles stranded on a public road and where no special equipment such as power winches or extended cables etc are required.
  • SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Should special equipment be necessary to effectively deliver Subaru Roadside Assist and/or where we have to return to our facility to obtain special equipment, the additional cost involved will be charged to and paid by the driver.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS: The AA, as the appointed supplier of Subaru Roadside Assist, reserves the right to alter and/or offer alternative assistance where a natural disaster places extraordinary demands on the provisions of Subaru Roadside Assist. Where a disabled vehicle cannot be reached (for example due to floods, slips, or fire etc), we will attempt to provide whatever alternative assistance is practical under the circumstances. Any such assistance will be at our discretion and will not be unreasonably withheld. We will provide assistance on a best endeavours basis and offer to contact a towing contractor to attend the vehicle.
There are some situations or circumstances that are not covered by Roadside Assist
  • SNOW CHAIN FITTING: Vehicles requiring assistance with snow chain fitting do not qualify for service. The driver of the vehicle will be referred to the nearest service provider for assistance.
  • UNATTENDED VEHICLES: Vehicles that are found to be unattended will not receive service under any circumstances. The owner or the owner’s authorised representative (the driver) must wait with the vehicle until we arrive. Where the vehicle is found to be unattended, the roadside assistance job will be aborted. Any subsequent calls for service (deemed by us at Subaru Roadside Assist to be for the same incident) will be at the driver’s expense.
  • UNAUTHORISED ATTEMPTED REPAIRS: Where we at Subaru Roadside Assist attend a roadside assistance call and under initial inspection reasonably consider a prior attempt to repair the vehicle has caused damage and the vehicle cannot be started or driven without further risk of damage, we will communicate with a Subaru service representative to ensure that the vehicle warranty has not been compromised before any further service is offered. Should Subaru recommend that service is no longer valid under the mechanical warranty, any cost of service under this circumstance would be at the driver’s expense and without any liability on the part of The AA.
  • REGISTRATION AND WARRANT OF FITNESS: Subaru Roadside Assist will only be provided to vehicles that have current registration and warrant of fitness (WOF).
  • WITHIN 100 KILOMETRES FROM HOME: If the breakdown happens within 100km from the home base and the vehicle cannot be reasonably repaired within the same day and all agreed Subaru programme conditions are met, the driver of the vehicle will be offered the following services:
  • EMERGENCY TAXI – METROPOLITAN SERVICE: A taxi journey will be offered to the driver of any vehicle under the Subaru programme which cannot be made mobile at roadside in the metropolitan area and where the vehicle has been cleared for towing by The AA Service Provider. A one-way journey taxi will be provided from the incident site up to the value of $50.00 (including GST) at the expense of the AA. Any additional fares and/or subsequent taxi trips will be at the expense of the driver. Included in the term “Metropolitan” is that of provincial and/or regional city centres, however, in these locations the provision of taxi service is delivered at the discretion of The AA Service Provider which will not be unreasonably withheld and is subject to availability.
  • REPLACEMENT VEHICLE: If the vehicle breakdown occurs more than 100km from home and cannot be repaired within the same day as the breakdown, The AA will provide a replacement vehicle of a similar calibre, where possible and subject to availability, for a maximum of three (3) days and up to $300.00 (GST inclusive).
  • EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION: Where the vehicle requires warranty repairs to be carried out and overnight accommodation is required, arrangements will be made for the driver and passengers at a cost of up to $350.00 (GST inclusive) for a maximum of three (3) nights.
  • ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORT: Where car rental is not available or where the rental car company refuses to provide a rental car to any driver of a vehicle due to the driver’s age or driving licence limitations or restrictions, or for any other reason beyond The AA’s control, alternative transportation will be provided to the registered owner/driver’s home address or intended destination. The AA will arrange for the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation to enable the driver of the vehicle and any travel companions to continue their journey, up to a limit of $300.00 (GST inclusive) per incident.