The next generation WRX provides the ultimate control, available in a six-speed manual transmission for sedan, or Subaru Performance Transmission for sedan or wagon. 


Six-speed manual

The short-stroke of the six-speed transmission enhances driveability over a wide range of conditions but is particularly advantageous on winding and hilly country roads. This is available exclusively to the WRX 2.4T Premium sedan


Sports Performance Transmission 

The Subaru Performance Transmission is a newly developed Sport Lineartronic gearbox with a variable torque distribution center differential and sports shifting control delivering 30% faster upshifts and 50% faster downshifts, utilising adaptive shift control to perform rev-matching downshifts when braking.

Adaptive shift control maintains the ideal ratio when cornering and helps aid faster exits on corners. Ratio revisions to the lower gears improve acceleration while the total ratio coverage have also been expanded.

The Subaru Performance Transmission offers automatic downshift blipping control for engaging performance and an 8-speed manual mode with advanced shift logic taking WRX to a whole new level. Models equipped with the Subaru Performance Transmission are also paired with a revised SI-Drive system further enhancing the driving experience. (Available on Subaru WRX 2.4T Premium, WRX 2.4T tS, WRX GT Premium and WRX GT tS). 

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